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Brian M. Viveros Releases Iconic Prints for Purchase, Get 'Em Here


Your favorite artist, Brian M. Viveros, is releasing two exclusive prints on Friday, July 8, via the Thinkspace Gallery shop. Both will be available for purchase at 10am PST online at #HellYeah. The iconic prints, "Fearless" and "Viva Vaudeville," are his most sought after work and only a limited amount of each are available to the public for purchase. Both are signed by Viveros.

"Fearless" sells for $600 and is a cool 18×24 inches. The hand embellished print is crafted with gold leaf paint, gold acrylic paint, oil pastels, watercolor, airbrushing, colored pencils and more. (As you know, the man can work with any medium.) Only 33 "Fearless" prints are available, so get to it before they sell out.

"Viva Vaudeville" is a bit smaller in size at 16×21 inches and is listed at $200. Only 125 prints are available for purchase.

Check out "Fearless" and "Viva Vaudeville" below, followed by a gallery of Viveros' Spring 2016 series.

 Left: "Fearless" | Right: "Viva Vaudeville"

Left: "Fearless" | Right: "Viva Vaudeville"

*This article was originally published on February 18, 2016.

Calling all Dirty Troopers! Brian M. Viveros will be in New York City this March to showcase an all new set of the art world's hottest women. As part of the SCOPE NYC Art Show, Viveros is debuting original oil paintings, charcoal renderings, and drawings.

It has been four years since Viveros has last shown his work in NYC, so yes—this is a big deal. Fans of the DirtyLand (located inside Viveros's head) know the artist is famous for creating work depicting smoking hot women that ooze power and strength. We assure you, this new set is all that and more, with references to the late David Bowie and the Statue of Liberty.

Make sure to drop by SCOPE NYC (address below) anytime between March 3-6, you'll find the Viveros originals at the Thinkspace Gallery Booth B1.

Inked got a sneak peak at the new series; find images of Viveros's new work below.