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Vlogger Morgan Joyce Shows Off Her Earlobes in a Jar

10 Questions With Morgan Joyce

While you may be familiar with Morgan Joyce as a tattoo model, she's also a successful vlogger. Since 2010, Joyce has created videos about beauty, hair, veganism, fashion, and of course, tattoos! With an impressive collection of ink, including almost two full sleeves, and well as dozens of past piercings—Joyce is one of YouTube's leading experts on body modification. She's allowed her subscribers an inside look of her body mod evolution over her eight years online and is the first to admit that her tastes have changed. This is why she decided to sew up her once 2 inch stretch ears and go forward with a new look. We caught up with Joyce to take a look at her transformation and to learn the secrets to a successful YouTube channel.


Watch the Video

Check out our video and see her insane earlobes.