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WARNING Ladies: Disgusting Perverts Pretend to Work With Inked

Watch Out For These Creeps

You won't believe what this guy thought he could get out of unsuspecting models.

Every few weeks or so we get e-mails from women who have been approached by agents, photographers and people purporting to be Inked staffers to verify that in fact we work with that person. Unfortunately 92% of the time the person is a liar and a creep. It is gross and awful. For years we have responded to the models directly and told them to be careful out there, but it has come time to put this in a public forum.

Yesterday we were contacted by a woman who figured it out on her own before falling victim. A person who introduced himself as "Alex Horton" texted her with the offer of a tattoo, a feature in Inked and a check for $5,000 in exchange for sex. When she rebuffed he came back with another offer, "I'll tell you what, I won't ask for pussy, but..." You can see in the text exchange on the next page.

Before we get there, we are very concerned with professionalism at Inked. We make sure that we hire and work with people who would never take advantage of anybody in any situation. If you have been approached by Inked it will most-likely have come from someone with an e-mail address. You can watch our official Facebook and Instagram pages as well as sign up for Inked Society to be privy to our model searches. On a few occasions photographers that work for us do their own castings and may drop our name, in that case please e-mail and and we will verify that we trust the photographer.

It pains us to know that perverts and predators use our name to prey on girls for sex. That there are sweet, trusting women out there who have been put in terrible situations because they thought we were involved. There have been plenty of examples out there, including the one we are about to share with you. Let's put this asshole on blast and share this information with your friends who have been thinking about modeling for Inked.