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Watch These Bears Enjoy a Day at the Pool

There are lots of images one associates with the state of New Jersey—The Sopranos, the larger-than-life governor, Bruce Springsteen, orange tans and spiky hair, and bears. Wait, bears? One family in Rockaway Township learned that there are a lot of bears in the Garden State, and sometimes those bears like to throw themselves a pool party.

As you'll see in the video below the Basso family took a glance into their backyard and found six bears, a mother with five cubs, having a good ol' time in their pool. When the cubs tired of frolicking in the water they soon turned their attention to a swing set. Once they got tuckered out the bears lumbered off without any incident, according to CBS News. 

Luckily for all of us, the Bassos filmed the entire encounter from the safety of their home, they even offer up their own commentary throughout the video. Below you will find the adorable video. Then, in the photo gallery below that, we've included some of our favorite bear tattoos that all true ursine aficionados will love.