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Watch Danny Lepore and Carl Grace Create a Masterpiece

This past week Carl Grace and Danny Lepore teamed up to do their first ever collaboration together on the back of one lucky—and pain tolerant—client. The entire 8-hour session was captured on camera for posterity. Don't worry, thanks to the magic of super-fast-motion the video has been condense to a mere four minutes long.

Watching the two phenomenal black and grey artists go about their work together is quite a sight to behold. The super speed of the video also makes it appear as if the work they do is almost magical and, honestly, is very comforting to watch.

Grace and Lepore have been friends with each other for quite a while, as Lepore explained in the latest Freshly Inked.

"I met Carl Grace when I was an apprentice at a convention in Vegas and we just clicked immediately," Lepore says. "He’s the one that really taught me about the hustle and that hard work will give you what you want. He’s been my main influence and how hard he works is inspiring."

"We really push each other whenever we’re around each other," Lepore continues. "It’s not about competition, it’s not about who’s better. It’s about both of us improving and being better, having better lifestyles, enjoying life and enjoying doing what we’re doing."

Given their relationship and how they like to feed off of each other it's surprising that the two have never worked on a piece together in the past. Given how seamlessly their work blends together throughout this tattoo we're guessing that there will be a pretty high demand for the two to collaborate again in the not too distant future.

You can check out more of Lepore's work at this link, and more of Grace's work here. If you want to get a look at some more sick collaborations click here. 

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Skulls and Roses" Shower Curtain by Inked

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Skulls and Roses" Shower Curtain by Inked