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Watch as This Drawing Terrifies Children

Stefan Pabst is one of the most talented artists that we have ever seen. The things that he paints and draws appear to literally leap off the page. When that image happens to be of an enormous and hairy arachnid, well, you can't blame the kids for being a little bit scared. Through a series of YouTube videos, Pabst shows the way that he is able to create such mind-bending images. Part of the trick is to cut the paper around the image so that it appears as if the image is standing up, like in the drawing of the lantern in the gallery below. It's such a simple thing, but the effect that it has on the viewer is substantial.

As you watch the video below remember, it's just a video of a drawing. That spider is not going to crawl out onto your arm as much as it may look like it will. See more of Pabst's art at his YouTube channel.