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WATCH: Jessica Wilde Knows What Your Tattoo Means

Inked's insanely gorgeous February/March cover girl (see Pin-Up issue) Jessica Wilde took to her large YouTube following to share her tattoo expertise, but she warns you, it is only in the name of fun, "please don't kill me!" Wilde proves she has talent beyond her good looks (but we already knew that) in this high-sarcasm PSA. The cam girl throws shade at people with ink that covers areas both private and open to the public. Did you know if you have neck tattoos you most likely carry a skateboard or backpack? Also, "Blink-182 4 lyfe." Go ahead and give it a watch, you may learn a thing or two. At the very least, you get to hang out with the sultry Ms. Wilde while you say, "OMG that's so true!" or "What the fuck?"