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Watch Miryam Lumpini Create Airbrush Magic (VIDEO)

The World Famous Tattooer and Self-Proclaimed Witchdoctor Visited the Inked Magazine HQs for an Amazing Artistic Experience

While we all know that tattoo artists can turn out the tricks on human skin, did you know that many of them also excel at creating beautiful art in other mediums? Many of the most successful tattoo artists out there also specialize in different mediums of fine art including drawing, painting, even photography! Miryam Lumpini is an artist who fits the definition of "Jane of All Trades," mastering not only tattooing but other art forms as well. On a trip to NYC, Miryam stopped by our office to show the world that she's more than just a phenomenal tattooer—but a well-rounded artist as well. Check out the master piece she created using an airbrush machine in the gallery below and stay tuned until the end to watch the piece come together on video.

miryam 4

Watch the Video!