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Watch Sarah Mudle Rip Off Her Own Head

We're mere hours away from October which means that tattooed model Sarah Mudle is about to begin her annual countdown to Halloween. As we showed you last year, Mudle gives herself a new look each day leading up to her favorite holiday. Last year our favorite touch was how she always made sure to give the same costumed treatment to the bird tattoo on her chest.

After making such a splash last year Mudle knew she had to step up her game. First, she posed for a pinup shoot with Robert Alvarado for the latest issue of Inked (check it out on newsstands). Next, she ripped off her own head. Seriously. Don't believe me? Watch the video!

Amazing, right? Mudle's makeup skills are second to none. You can get a sneak peek of some of the other looks she'll be unveiling this Halloween season, try not to scream too much. To see everything she does this year don't forget to follow her on Instagram. And if you want to see what Sarah looks like without so much makeup (or clothes) check out her Inked Girls profile here.