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Watch Two World Class Tattooers Collaborate On One Amazing Piece (VIDEO)

Inked Select Artists Steve Butcher and Yomico Moreno Come Together to Create One Epic Piece

If you think getting tattooed by one artist is bad enough, try getting inked by two! One of the biggest trends we've seen in the tattoo community is a collaboration between two or more artists on one piece. And while it may sound intimidating, it's an amazing way to cover ground during one sitting and it creates a one of a kind tattoo experience. Two artists who've collaborated many times in the past are Steve Butcher and Yomico Moreno. Butcher is a color realism specialist who hails from New Zealand and famously inks portraits of athletes. Whereas Moreno also works in color realism, hails from Venezuela, and has inked some of the most viral tattoos on the web. They're both members of the tattoo crew, The Rat Pack, which has allowed them to work together alongside other top artists to create unbelievable works of art. However, for the first time, they tattooed just the two of them and created an unbelievable black-and-gray masterpiece in a mere 7 hours. Take a peek at some of the shots taken along the way and stay tuned for a video of the tattoo timelapse.

collab 1

Watch the Tattoo Timelapse

To see this tattoo come together, watch the video and stay tuned for more collaborates by the rat pack tattooers.