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WATCH: Tattooed Woman Brands Skin at Scorching 932ºF

How'd you like to burn your skin with a scorching needle heated to at least 932 degrees Fahrenheit? Not for you? Kerri, the tattooed vixen in the video below, handled scarification like a damn champ as she is seen having six Viking symbols branded into her left arm.

When it comes to body modifications, tattooed folk are no strangers, but scarification is a trend that traces its roots back to the Viking age. Its popularity wained for a couple of hundred years but scarification is making quite a resurgence. Kerri says, "I like modifications because they rebel against what people perceive me as." Branding or burning the skin has proven to be the dominant practice amongst other scarring options: scratching, etching, or cutting the flesh, but this is no curling iron scorch (a.k.a. the convenient excuse for that hickey on your neck). This burn is far more intense, her skin was branded at almost 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (we can hear your skin screaming now), causing a smell resembling that of "leaving your straightener on for too long." Some of the freshly scarred runes represent love, victory, and warriors.

We feel like the non-tattooed society is just recently starting to accept our dope body art without gawking, but scarification likely has years before the head-turning ends. Kerri says her mom was one of her biggest critics, "She always said that I'd never find someone that would like me. If I had any piercings or tattoos, I would never get married and I would never be pretty." Judging by the badass finished product, which by the way is an open wound and must be treated like one until it heals, we have to strongly disagree with those harsh words from her mom. Kerri disagrees too, "Body modification is like wearing your heart on your sleeve. It draws people to you that like the same kind of stuff."

Jump to 1:36 in the short video now! BUT FIRST: What would you say induces more pain: tattoos or scarification?

If you want to check out some more examples of scarification click this link. 

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