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We Reveal The Hot Model Behind One of The Most Viral Tattoo Videos Ever!

As Famous As Her Tattoo!

Not too long ago a tattoo video of an amazing Sailor Moon done by Nikko Hurtado went viral. The piece captured the essence of that character, and if you knew the collector who’s lovely leg that portrait was sporting the ink you would know she too is a Sailor Moon-esque kinda girl!

The problem is no one knew who the collector was. You may say, So, we don’t know who most collector’s are or care for that matter. We just admire their ink. Well, it’s a bit different in this case since that incredible tattoo sits on the absolutely lovely body of one the tattoo world’s most gorgeous models…


The model's pink dog, Toshi!

Photo via instagram

The Viral Video!

Photo via nikkohurtado

Millions of views, but who is the collector?