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Wear Your Selfie On Your Sleeve

Is this a good angle? What’s the better filter, Lo-Fi or X-Pro II? Is there even an X-Pro I? Should I add a vignette? These are all questions much too common with the “Follow Me” generation as the boom in popularity of Instagram and selfies continues to dominate the social media world. Having the best angle, filter, edits, and even hashtags are now all prerequisites for the “perfect” picture by IG standards—standards that are then measured out in the number of likes a photo gets. But what if you could share your top twelve IG posts with people who don’t already follow your account? What if you could take your favorite snap shots with you everywhere you went? What if you could literally wear your selfie with 100+ likes on your sleeve? Well, now you can!

Picatoo is a brand new web service that literally lets you wear your social media presence. Created by the team who brought you INK361 which lets you access Instagram outside of the app, Picatoo lets you pick a photo from your Instagram account and turn it into a temporary tattoo. For just under 15 bucks you can rock up to 12 tiny temporary tattoos of your day at the beach, your dinner at that four-star restaurant, and your pet cat for about a week, and when your next slew of photos outperforms your current "sleeve" or "back piece," you can go out and print up a whole new batch and start the process all over again.

There is definitely a bit of ridiculousness in this concept, but with the right photos you could do something really cool with Picatoo. The idea seems to stem from the growing trend of temporary tattoos being used in fashion for people who aren't fully committed to getting a real tattoo, but want something fun to wear on their skin for a few days. And that's cool, but what would happen if we took images of real tattoos from Instagram and made a mix-matched sleeve? You could have an entire sleeve of mini Nikko Hurtado pieces to sport around for seven days or make various black work patterns out of existing DotsToLines tattoos. The possibilities are endless! You could even take an Instagramed photo of your tattoo, make a Picatoo of it and then Instagram a photo of a tattoo of a photo of a tattoo. #TattooInception

All in all, Picatoo is a fun thing to try and maybe it will inspire people to really get creative and think about things to get as real ink in the future. People have already had selfies tattooed on them, so who knows what could be next! Check out our own Instagram (@InkedMag) to see some super cool works of art that might already be tattoos, but sure would make for some cool temporary ones as well.

 Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Doomed Skull" Shot Glass

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Doomed Skull" Shot Glass