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Wear Your Heart On Your Chest

The summer’s not far off. As the temperature increases, the amount of clothes you wear decreases. That’s the best part of this time of year, right? Besides, when you’re arms are inked up, those are the only sleeves you need. With the women’s “Skully Heart” racerback tank top, you won’t need sleeves to wear your heart on, you can plaster it right on your chest.

So we give you today’s InkedShop Product of the Day—the “Skully Heart” racerback. And this isn’t just any weak heart, it’s a heart made of skulls. That’s hard! It’s up to you to make up the story of where those skulls came from. Maybe they’re what’s left over from the bastards you left in your wake. They broke your heart, you broke their faces. You can be sure the next guy will think twice.

The “Skully Heart” racerback is available at INKEDSHOP.COM right now. Pick one up today so you’re ready to be dressed appropriately for the summer. Sure, the kickass design is going to draw some attention to your chest, but once it sets in that the heart is made of skulls, whoever’s checking it out will know to proceed with caution.

If the black and white "Skully Heart" is a little too hard for you, maybe the black and pink version is more your style. There's also a "Skully Heart" tee shirt available for you conservative folks who prefer to cover up those shoulders.

 Available now at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Skully Heart" Racerback

Available now at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Skully Heart" Racerback