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What a Tattoo Shop Looked Like 22 Years Ago According to Friends

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Although heavily tattooed main characters are still an anomaly in Hollywood, scenes with tattoos and tattooing in them are extremely common. Many of our favorite shows, from The Big Bang Theory to The Office, have featured a tattoo scene or two in the past. And while we love all the mainstream representation we can get, 9 times out of 10 the portrayal of artists is more stereotypical than accurate. In television and film, tattoo artists often have very one-dimensional personalities and it wasn't until TVLand's Younger that we saw a tattoo artist with a varying character arch. However, the work of Nico Tortorella can be discussed for another day because it's time to take a look back at one of the greatest and most ridiculous tattoo tropes ever shown on the silver screen. Take a look at how the show Friends portrayed a tattoo shop and a tattooer in 1996, then let us know if you remember this forgotten scene from the show in the comments section on Facebook!

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Check out part of this episode and let us know what you thought of this scene when the show first came out and what you think about it now.