What Her Tattoos Say About Her Sex Life!


Do Her Tattoos Reveal All?

A contingent of “independent researchers” (whatever that means) across the United States conducted a study where they interviewed groups of tattooed people (male and female) and asked them a series of personal questions about their ink and their sex life.
The inquiries covered topics like: “What style of tattoo do you think best reflects your personality?” The obligatory. “What was your first tattoo?” and “Which is your favorite tattoo?”
On the sex end, the questions were also the standard: whether they felt they were the aggressor or the submissive, favorite position(s), fantasies, etc.
The information was brought back from the field (local bars and nightclubs) where it was cataloged, reviewed and compared. The results are interesting to say the least. And here they are!


Photo via inkedmag