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What is the Most Pleasurable Style to Be Tattooed In?

This Style, Above All Others, Feels the Best During the Tattoo Process and Sarah Herzdame is One of the Best in the Genre to Date

It's no secret that tattooing hurts, but did you know that some styles of tattooing hurt more than others? If you asked around whether people prefer the process of line work or shading pain wise, most would probably prefer shading. Line work is comprised of longer and slower movements of the machine, whereas shading is often faster movements that require less direct precision. Many prefer shading because the pain of the needles feels less direct and certain types of shading are comfortable enough to potentially dose off to. And while some wish that every style could be as easy-breezy as the shading process, there's one style which stands above the rest when it comes to being pretty much painless, while also looking incredible. Want to find out what style we're referring to? Then you better keep on reading.

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