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What to Do When You Hate Your New Tattoo (VIDEO)

Why Communication and Compromise With an Artist is Extremely Important

We've heard plenty of stories about people regretting their tattoos, however, that usually happens when someone goes to an unqualified artist, gets an idea they thought of while intoxicated, or inks the name of a love interest. But this was not the case for a collector and vlogger Daisy Foxglove. Foxglove is a YouTube creator from Australia who has collected work from some of the most renowned artists in Australia and the UK. And while she has an extremely impressive collection of ink, one of her pieces left her with an unsavory feeling toward the tattoo. Her experience is way more common than you'd think and it's important for all of our readers to learn from her mistake so that no one ends up with a tattoo that they hate.

Photo via Instagram

Watch Her Video

To learn more about Foxglove's experience, watch her video and learn a lesson for yourself about communicating effectively with your artist.