Which Teletubbie Actress Performed in Graphic Sex Scenes?


Say Hello to the Real Tinky Winky!

Millennials and parents of Millennials all have enjoyed Teletubbies is some capacity. When the bizarre but cute aliens first landed on TV in 1997 the reactions ranged from outrage to praise as Laa-Laa, Tinky-Winky, Dipsy and Po along with a unique supporting cast including an anthropomorphic blue vacuum cleaner and voice trumpets romped in a colorful, psychedelic setting designed specifically to appeal to the attention spans of infants and unlock different sections of their minds.
Well, we never saw the humans that brought life to the Teleubbie’s and after the show ended its first incarnation in 2001 many people wondered who were those actors and what ever happened to them. Well, now you can find out...including who did the graphic sex scenes.