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White Elephant Gifts Under $25 That Will Please Everyone

Have you ever left a game of White Elephant thinking Why did I drop $25 on a cool gift to leave with an expensive box of chocolates that taste like shit? The only thing worse than leaving with a lame gift is giving a lame gift. Don't think because the game is anonymous you can get away with wrapping a bogus present.

Winning a game of White Elephant is simple—even when you're on a budget. People want two things: money and booze. If you're not giving one, try to compensate with the other.

We've rounded up a list of items under $25 that pair perfectly with a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts or a small bottle of Jack. Better yet, some presents will please party-goers entirely on their own. Feel free to share this list to Jenny's Christmas Soiree Facebook group.