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You Won't Believe Who Kat Von D is Dating


It appears that the tattoo community has a brand new inked power couple. LA Ink'sKat Von D has been seen out and about with a brand new beau. Any guesses as to who the lucky guy may be? Here are two hints that might help. First off, this mystery man is well known for some of his tattoos, in particular his unique back piece. Secondly, much like Kat, this man is known for being adamant about animal rights. So much so that he recently made headlines getting arrested during a protest. Do you know who it is yet?

It's Jackass star Steve-O! We're guessing it's their shared passions for ink and animals that brought Von D and Steve-O together, or maybe it was something else, but the point is that they look super cute and happy.

If you haven't kept up to date with either of these two lovebirds, you will be pleased to know they are both doing great things, for themselves and for the world. Steve-O has just finished up his comedy tour with former cast mates of Jackass and has also taken a huge step in the fight against animal cruelty, specifically the fight against Sea World. He is proud to live a sober and vegan lifestyle with all of his rescued animals by his side. Way to go Steve-O!

Along with being a gorgeous model, a talented tattoo artist and shop owner, Von D is also continuing her own fight for animal rights. Her Kat Von D Beauty line just had one of its most ground breaking years since its founding in 2008. With expansion of her line every year, Von D continues to create her line that ranges from makeup to fragrances as cruelty free. Kat Von D also chose the sober and vegan lifestyle, making it another common area for the new couple.

Now that these two are together, who knows what wild and crazy things we will see from them. Become acquainted with the tattooed power couple in the gallery below.