Whoopi's Dragon Tattoo Was the Talk of the Red Carpet


It's been two days since the Academy Awards but the world is still abuzz over Whoopi Goldberg's red carpet appearance. No, she didn't take fashion tips from Bjork and wear an outlandish outfit. Instead it was Goldberg's rarely seen dragon tattoo that got all of the attention.

You would think that that it was a brand new tattoo based off of the social media hubbub, but that's not the case at all. Michelle Myles of New York's Daredevil Tattoo inked the piece close to ten years ago. Myles was delighted to see that her work was getting so much attention and was more than happy to tell us a little bit about tattooing Goldberg all those years ago.

"I did the tattoo about 10 years ago at her loft in Soho," Myles recalls. "She sent her driver and I brought my equipment and a massage table to her place to tattoo her. It took two sittings. I was definitely surprised that she went with such a big dragon but she was really into the design."

Often when tattooing celebrity clients artists can end up working in some pretty sketchy places—garages, the back of tour buses, dingy nightclub green rooms. This was not that kind of experience for Myles. Anyone who has stepped foot into Daredevil Tattoo knows that Myles is an antique enthusiast; every square inch of the shop is covered with tattoo memorabilia, vintage flash and antique tattoo machines. She found a kindred spirit in Goldberg.

"She was such a nice lady and she had an incredible collection of art and antiques," Myles says. "When I told her my shop was called Daredevil she gave me these little antique devil figures she had in her house. They're really cool, I have them on my desk."

We're glad that Goldberg finally introduced the piece to the world. It's always refreshing to see when a celebrity gets some well done large scale tattoos done instead of tiny little things that are so en vogue these days.

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