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Whose booty is this? Hint: The Tattoos Give it Away

After many heated arguments with loved ones we were starting to believe that being able to name any celebrity just by seeing their tattoos was a completely worthless skill, then this picture came out and totally redeemed our tattoo obsession! Last night the internet went crazy when the editor of Sports Illustrated's iconic Swimsuit Issue, MJ Day, posted the above picture to her Instagram. And while the booty covered ever so slightly by body paint was enthralling on its own, the real mystery was figuring out who the posterior belonged to.

Here is where the tattoos come in handy. There are only two of them, one on each wrist, and they are sort of tiny. So you're going to have to take a good hard look at them. Look familiar? The one on the right is of a Kodokan flower, a symbol that was popular among feudal samurai because it represents a cherry blossom dying at the apogee of its beauty. Any guesses yet? Well, the one on the left is of an octagon and should serve as a much bigger hint. Who would have a booty that breathtaking and a connection to an octagon? Perhaps this person fights in said octagon...


Got the answer? It's Ronda Rousey! The last time we saw Rousey prior to this sneak peek from Day's Instagram was when she got knocked out by a vicious kick to the head in the second round of her fight against Holly Holm. And while fans of Holm may hold on to the image of Rousey from that fight's conclusion, we would much rather have this picture of the fighter and her toned backside in our minds. Thanks, MJ Day!

So next time someone chastises you for your encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity tattoos just remind them that from time-to-time it comes in pretty handy.

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