Why Do Women Watch Adult Films! The Down and Dirty Real Reasons!


Going It Alone!

If you go by the statistics the numbers will pretty much shock you. Okay, don’t get stupid now, no there aren’t more women watching porn than men, but when you find out how many it will drop your socks. However, despite the higher than expected number, it appears that women still rather masturbate while reading… hence the success of the books in the Fifty Shades vein.

Science has stated that men are more visually driven than woman, or is it that men are too lazy to read? We will take you down the female porn rabbit hole and you can get just as sexually educated as we are. Plus, there are a more than a few titillating facts, figures and pictures!

Enjoy the show!



That’s right! Twenty-five percent of the viewers that visit PornHub are women! Which then you have to consider that Pornhub is the 5th most popular. So, there are thousands of women going to the other four higher ranked sites also!



It appears Millennial women are super horny and willing to experiment with 76 percent between the ages of 18-34, 57 percent identify as heterosexual and 32 percent identify as bisexual.



18 percent check in every day to watch porn while 63 percent watch either weekly or a few times a month. Total that up and you have 90 percent of these women watching porn on a regular basis! However, more than half of that group are too embarrassed to admit to watching.



Despite their desire to indulge "51% of respondents think it’s as acceptable for women to watch porn as it is for men."



A large majority of the women said they prefer to watch porn alone. That was clarified by YouPorn reporting that "a whopping 89% of respondents prefer to watch porn alone," which they deemed, "Not incredibly surprising since 50% of our respondents are 'single', 27% are 'dating' and only about 20% are 'married'."


...age, weight, ethnicity...

Thirty-three percent of the women chose their favorite videos based on who similar the female pornstar resembled them in "age, weight, ethnicity etc.,"