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Why I Won't Cover the Tattoo For My Ex

It's a part of my history and now my body

By Anonymous

Although we share plenty of articles that talk about getting intimate in terms of sex and skin—it's not very often that we get real about the ink on our bodies. Our tattoos, both personally and sociologically, tell a story and these stories make up who we are, where we've come from, as well as how we navigate through the world. In the essay you're about to read, we learned about why someone may or may not hold onto a tattoo of an ex lover. Because while many of us wouldn't dream to wear the name, face, or symbol of a former flame for another day—there are also those who won't touch that tattoo for one million dollars. Take a look at my story and why I wont cover the tattoo for my ex in the gallery below. Then, if you have your own story for a tattoo dedicated to an ex, feel free to share it in the comments section on Facebook.