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Why Mothers of Kids with Down Syndrome are Getting This Tattoo

The Meaning Behind Their Matching Tattoos is Incredible

Do you have a box of tissues on hand, because you're definitely going to tear up after reading this inspiring story. Back in October of 2017, a group of moms came together to get matching tattoos in honor of their children. However their bond is quite different from most other mothers, because they all have children with down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the 21st chromosome by causing developmental and intellectual delays. Approximately one in every 600 babies born today will have down syndrome, with around 6,000 children born with the condition in the United States per year. Down syndrome and raising a child with the disorder has it's fair share of misconception—which advocates and allys are attempting to clear up. Take a look at how a handful of mothers are working to fight the stigma through ink and let us know in the comments section on Facebook what you think of their powerful statement against discrimination.

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