Why This YouTuber Gets Naked on Patreon


Meet Trisha Tarantino

While YouTubers continue to generate money for their content, the funds allocated to creators aren't what they used to be. Over the past few years, vloggers have noticed major changed to the censorship guidelines of YouTube and their paychecks have taken huge hits during the "adpocalypse." This has led many creators, both at the top and bottom levels of the subscriber hierarchy, to find other ways to monetize their brand. For some, this means selling merchandise or going on concert tours. For others it's getting a book deal or taking a stab at Hollywood. However, for many it is rebranding their content for a brand new content platform. Patreon has been a popular platform for major creators to make money and it is almost entirely uncensored. This means that almost anything goes, including nudity or the sale of used panties. YouTuber Trisha Paytas, who starred on Celebrity Big Brother, has gone down this route and may have cracked the code to YouTube's ad disaster. Take a look at the gallery below to learn about Trisha and find out what YOU can get from one of her many monthly packages.