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Will This Seahawks Tattoo Be a Prophecy or an Epic Fail?

Say what you want about the Seattle Seahawks but they certainly are confident. If you take one second to listen to Richard Sherman and other members of the Legion of Boom—a nickname for the team’s vaunted secondary—it is clear that the Seahawks have absolutely no doubt that they will win their second consecutive Lombardi trophy this Sunday.

This supreme confidence bordering on cockiness has trickled down from the team to their rabid fan base. Always clad in blue, green and silver these fans call themselves the 12th Man and are known throughout the NFL for their devotion. One “12” who goes by the name of OC decided to get the ultimate symbol of faith in his team—a tattoo proclaiming them Super Bowl victors a week before the game.

OC decided to cover his arm with a tattoo of last year’s Lombardi Trophy accompanied by the one he hopes will be theirs in a matter of days. It would be one thing if he decided to get this tattoo after the NFC Championship Game but OC was so confident that he got the tattoo on Christmas Eve, before the season even ended, according to News4Jax.

“Anybody can get a tattoo after the fact,” OC told News4Jax. “But I wanted to show them that I was confident they could go and win the championship again.”

OC wasn’t as confident when he got his first Seahawks related tattoo prior to the team’s first Super Bowl appearance in 2006. That time he opted for the team’s logo instead of a championship prediction and it was a good thing that he did—the Seahawks fell 21-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Last year a different Seahawks fan made a similarly bold statement before the season even began (link). That tattoo ended up being prophetic as the Seahawks crushed the Broncos to win their first Super Bowl. Now that Pete Carroll’s team is in the big game for the second year in a row one has to wonder if OC’s tattoo will give the team a similar dose of good luck.

So as millions of Americans wonder which team will win our minds will be on OC and his tattoo. By the end of the day will he have a fine piece of ink celebrating his team’s victories or a bitter reminder of his hubris for the rest of his life?

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