Will Trump Survive His Presidency? Casinos Set The Odds!


Will He Make It Through His Term?

There are a four ways a standing US president can find themself out of the White House and back into semi-civilian life before their 4 year term ends — and all of them have happened in US history. The four ways are: (1) impeachment by House and conviction by Senate; (2) resignation: (3) death and (4) suspension due to disability under the 25th Amendment.
Well, it is illegal to bet in most of the United States and in states where gambling is illegal, the only odds betting that is allowed is on sporting events. So that leaves all the “book’ being taken overseas, with our buddies in England and Ireland carrying most of the action.
The odds coming up were based on averaging out the odds being set by 5 different European online betting agencies.


 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)