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Winter is the Best Time To Get Tattooed

Hundreds of thousands of tattoos are created every day, all over the world, 365 days a year. But did you know that there is recommended season to get a tattoo? And believe it or not, it's not during the summer. Many people tend to get tattoos in the warmer months because they want to show off their new ink at the beach or by the pool, yet summer is actually an extremely inconvenient time to get a new tattoo. Sure, we all want to show off our tattoos in a bathing suit on the beach but doing this during the healing process is a big no-no. Fresh tattoos can become infected or damaged if they come in contact with direct sunlight, the bacteria that lives in bodies of water, and harsh chemicals like the chlorine that keeps our pools clean. But we don't think that you should miss out on all the fun, so instead of getting a tattoo during the summer, get inked during the winter. You'd be surprised how much easier your life will be if you get a tattoo in December as opposed to July. And by the time that the summer rolls around, you'll be flaunting a healed tattoo pool side. Here are some of the top reasons to get tattooed this winter.