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Woman Born Without a Vagina Launches Go-Fund-Me Page for Surgery

She Needs a Vagina!

When Kaylee Moats was eighteen her family decided she should visit an ob-gyn to find out if everything was all right “down there”. “When I didn’t get my period, but my 12-year-old sister did, we decided to go to the gynecologist,” Moats says in a video that describes the events leading up to her present day situation — her diagnosis, condition, her prognosis and the potential upcoming surgery.
The ob-gyn decided the best way to diagnosis what may be causing her delayed menstruation was to perform an ultrasound. Unfortunately, the news delivered by the tech and the doctor was devastating — Kaylee Moats was born without a vagina or a uterus! Four years later and Kaylee's sister decided it was time for Kaylee to get a chance at leading a normal life!

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Photo via instagram