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Woman Busted Filming Sex With Dog

This is Straight Up Wrong

We see crazy things in the international news every single day and it takes something extra special to shock our socks off. However, when it comes to the story that you're about to learn about, we are definitely disturbed. Bestiality and zoophilia have been around since the dawn of time, with passages of the Bible damning the perversion. The subject has never failed to disturb audiences worldwide and has made it's way into almost every genre of popular culture—from literature to plays. Hell, even the very first episode of UK's Black Mirror got audiences cowering in disgust with a graphic bestiality scene. And while many regard these explicit acts as too messed up to be true, unfortunately, real life people continue to exploit animals in a perverted manner. Check out what happened when a woman in Scotland got busted for not only bestiality but child pornography and let us know what you think should happen to such a twisted criminal.

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