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Woman Gets 5-Inch Tapeworm in Breast After Eating 3 Live Frogs


She Thought It Was Cancer After Finding a Lump in Her Breast

If you've ever considered consuming live frogs as part of an ancient medical ritual, listen up. While chowing down on amphibians may seem like a delicious treat for your tastebuds, it can result in horrific and disgusting lifelong consequences. According to doctors at a hospital in Eastern China, a 59-year-old woman went under for surgery to remove a lump in her right breast. However, instead of finding a pre-cancerous mass, doctors were disturbed to uncover a 5-inch tapeworm. That's right, this woman had a tapeworm growing in her breast and she recently admitted that it was a result of consuming 3 live frogs almost five years ago. Take a look at the gallery below to learn more about her unnerving parasite experience and let us know your thoughts on this case in the comment section on Facebook.