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This Woman's Tattoos are Worth a Thousand Words

There are at least a million different reasons to get a tattoo—as a rite of passage, to honor the memory of a loved one, for aesthetic reasons, to bond with a friend, and even to kill the boredom are all perfectly wonderful reasons to get inked. Of all the reasons to get tattooed one of the most common and touching reasons is to pay tribute to one's roots. Janelle Drury, today's Inked Girl of the Day, does just that with her ink.

"I love [my sleeve]," Janelle explains. "There is no other way to describe who I am. [The sleeve] is a representation of my heritage and where I come from, which is ironic because tattoos are not really seen on Middle Eastern women."

With the exception of a mermaid on her side all of Janelle's ink is related to her Middle Eastern heritage; the mandalas, geometric stars and Arabic calligraphy all help tell the tale of not just Janelle, but also of her ancestors. Janelle plans on finishing the sleeve some time in the not too distant future by filling it in with more geometric stars.

As you can see while looking through her gallery of photos there is more to Janelle than her thoughtful sleeve—she is also a gorgeous woman with some fantastic curves. You can see all of her sultry photos on her Inked Girlsprofile here. 

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