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'Women Aren't Capable of Being Their Own Authorities'—EVERYTHING Wrong With This YouTube Channel

Have You Heard of GirlDefined?

Here at INKED, we promote ideas of tolerance and acceptance to all walks of life. Modified people receive a fraction of the discrimination that people of color and people in the LGBTQIA+ community experience, therefore if we are asking for the world to accept our ink, we need to extend the same to others. Which is why, the two women that you're about to meet are bad news. Meet Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird, two vloggers from Texas who have created a YouTube channel known as GirlDefined. On their channel and on their blog, they promote "striving to be God-defined girls in a culture-defined world." Their target audience is young women, however, the rhetoric they spew could be doing their viewers more harm than good. Take a look at some of the controversial topics and views these ladies have preached in the gallery below.

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