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Women With Facial Tattoos! Beauty Enhancement or Beauty Mistake?

They Give Good Face!

One of the most controversial places to get ink is undoubtedly on your face. The above the neck and below the wrist rule has all but entirely gone out the window and everyday we see more and more people sporting facial tats. At the risk of sounding sexiest, many believe that an element that actually raises the controversy factor is when the tattoo is voluntarily placed upon the face of a female.
The debate is a heated one in regard to whether the female facial tattoo actually enhances her beauty or is the biggest permanent make up faux pas any woman could ever make.
We curated a series of female facial tattoos varying in coverage and detail. We have included the obvious disasters so you can have a baseline of what is clearly a bad decision. Hey, forget we said that. Who are we to say what is a disastrous tattoo choice?


Photo via BME