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Woody Comes to Life

Every once in a great while we see a tattoo that is so insane that it makes us do a double take. This 3D tattoo of Toy Story's Woody is definitely one of those. Once we picked our collective jaw off the floor and started really looking at this piece by Craig Cardwell we became even more impressed. It's undeniable that it really looks like this person's arm belongs to the lovable cowboy voiced by Tom Hanks in the popular Pixar movies.

Cardwell seems to have perfected the art of using tattoos to turn people's arms into those of cartoon characters. Cardwell has also done an amazing 3D tattoo featuring the popular anime character Goku from Dragon Ball Z. The art found in animation makes a natural transition into tattoo art so it's not surprising that such impressive 3D pieces can be produced. But what if the inspiration for and subject matter of the tattoo isn't animated?

In this list of 3D tattoos you will see a bunch of different types of 3D tattoos including animal tattoos so realistic that they'll make your skin crawl. Whether it is a butterfly sitting on a person's shoulder or a snake slithering it's way around a person's arm you will be in awe of the way these talented artists were able to make their tattoos appear to jump off the skin.

So, check out this amazing list of 3D tattoos and tell us what you think. If you have a 3D piece of your own that you think is comparable in quality share it with us by hashtagging Inkedmag on Instagram.

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