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The Best of the World Body Painting Festival 2015

Artists from over 40 countries have come together for the 18th Annual World Bodypainting Festival in Carinthia, Austria this past weekend. With music performances by national and international bands, runway shows, special world body painting classes, and even a zombie crawl, this year's event was bigger than ever. The entire festival lasts a week, giving the artists enough time for preparation and skill training before last three days of fierce competition. There are five categories that each artist can compete including airbrush painting, sponge painting, and more. This year's themes were "games that people play" and surrealism. If you thought body painting was cool before, just wait until you see this insane gallery from this year's World Body Painting Festival. Check it out below.

You can learn more about the world body painting festival HERE and check out the rest of the photos HERE.