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The World's Prettiest Pirate

"I must have been a pirate in another life," Sarah Giampapa explains. "All I want to do is drink rum and break the law." While being a pirate was probably a little more complicated than that, the ship isn't going to sail itself after all, the life Sarah describes sounds pretty sweet. Thankfully Sarah appears nothing like the female pirate we envision (think Captain Hook in a dress, mustache included), so we've decided to make her today's Inked Girl of the Day.

Sarah may imagine herself as a pirate from the past but when it comes to choosing her ink she favors paying tribute to a different group of famous seafarers, the Norse.

"My favorite tattoos are my matching wolves Geri and Freki," Sarah says. "They are from Norse mythology and they fight Odin's enemies. I think this is incredibly badass and as an Odinist they are definitely special to me."

When we look through all of Sarah's sexy pictures at her three separate profiles (here, here and here), we find her sleeve to be the most striking of all of her work. There is something about an enormous geometric piece that is enthralling. We can't take our eyes off of it.

Regardless of whether she was a pirate or a viking in a previous life one thing is certain, Sarah is simply gorgeous this time around. Check out all of her alluring photos here, here and here. If you think that you have what it takes to be the next Inked Girl of the Day submit your portfolio here.

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