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Worst Tattoos You Can Get

Tattoo Artists Hate These

While we certainly feel that it's your body, your choice as what you get inked, there are many popular tattoos that draw the ire from the inner-circle of tattooing. It's hard for anything to stand the test of time. That's why a lot of people regret a lot of tattoos. But some tattoo ideas are just plain stupid and overdone. According to some tattoo artists, many celebrities are to blame for trendy, boring tats. Once someone famous gets, say a rosary tattooed on their ankle, it goes viral for awhile until the next big trend comes along.

If you're going to get permanently inked, spend a little time thinking of an original design so your tattoo artist doesn't fall asleep while they're working on you.

For some help, here are 20 of the worst tattoos you'll want to avoid. We asked a bunch of trusted tattoo artists, who would only speak to us under anonymity—because a few of these are sure to piss a few people off.