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Would You Get a 'Mommy Makeover' Tattoo?

This Artist Specializes in Making Moms Feel Sexy Again

While pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful things, they also leave many women feeling unhappy with their post-baby body. Carrying and growing an infant takes physical tolls on the human body—with almost every mom coming out of the experience with stretch marks and for some, c section scars. And while we think that women are amazing with or without their battle scars, there's also something to be said about transforming these marks into a gorgeous tattoo. This is where Las Vegas tattooer Joseph Haefs comes in. He's a 'mommy makeover' master and has inked more moms than almost any tattooer we know. His elegant and feminine tattoos are helping women to love their bodies again and feel sexy after having a baby. Take a look at just a same handful of his tattoos in the gallery below and let us know if you've got a 'mommy makeover' tattoo of your own!

mommy 6