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Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Own Face?

It's no secret that the younger generations are totally obsessed with selfies. From perfecting their photoshop skills on a plethora of editing apps to ensuring they utilize the most flattering lighting possible—there's no limit to the tips and tricks millennials can offer for a good selfie. However, as a millennial and tattoo enthusiasts, even I was surprised to come across this developing tattoo trends. Self-portrait tattoos are all the rage amongst tattoo collectors—and they've been interpreted into a variety of distinct styles depending on the individual in question. That's right, we're talking about the tattoo equivalent of a selfie on the skin and we're definitely curious about why someone would choose this unique design. Take a look at the gallery below to learn more about the growing trend amongst ballsy collectors around the world, then let us know your thoughts on self-portrait tattoos in the comments section on Facebook.

self 7

Watch the Video

Let model and YouTuber Monami Frost, who has not one but TWO self-portrait tattoos, tell you why she got these pieces.