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Would You Tattoo Your Eyelids?

Take a Peek at Some Unbelievable Eyelid Ink and Decide For Yourself If You'd Be Down to Rock These Tattoos

In a world where cheerleaders and soccer moms have tattoos, having a tattoo no longer makes you a badass. However, it seems like the industry continues to raise the standard for outrageous ink and one trend has been spreading like wild fire from shop to shop. No, we're not talking about inner lip tattoos or sternum pieces—we've officially gone off the deep end into the abyss of crazy fucking ink.

Eyelid tattoos, you heard correctly, are one of the biggest trends in tattooing these days and we're honestly as surprised as you are that this phenomenon has gone viral. Take a look at some wild and crazy eyelid tattooers by the tattooer leading the charge, Carlos Machias, and consider whether you're hardcore enough to get this done.

Photo via Instagram