Would You Tattoo Your Nipples?


This Tattoo Trend is Rated XXX For Mature

There are plenty of sensitive areas to get tattooed, but the nipples are hands down one of the most painful. Nipples contain hundreds of nerve endings each, which, on the bright side, means that they are a great source of arousal during sexual activity and foreplay. However, it is important to address that the tables can easily be turned when someone is blasting them with a tattoo machine. Never the less, many men and women continue to get these tattoos done and it appears that the trend is growing from year to year.

While men tend to tattoo their nipples to create large scale torso pieces, women, on the other hand, have different approaches when it comes to tattooing this area. One of the most common "types" of nipple tattoos is mastectomy cover-ups and over time, this tattoo procedure has become increasingly popular among women who have battled breast cancer. There are also those women who tattoo their nipples with only aesthetics in mind, often adorning their breasts with intricate mandala designs featuring dot work stippling. Check out some of our favorite nipple tattoo designs and decide for yourself whether you'd consider baring your bosom for the tattoo needle.

Photo via Instagram