Why is WWE Wrestler Kevin Owens Considering a John Cena Tattoo?

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Professional wrestler Kevin Steen, known in the ring as Kevin Owens, already has a pretty bad-ass Taurus tattoo on his shoulder, a “LIVE/EVIL” arm tat, and several touching tributes to his family, but The Prizefighter may soon be adding a tattoo of pro wrestler, actor, rapper and reality TV show host, John Cena, to his collection, if his son has anything to say about it. According to Owens, his son is a huge fan of the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and five-time U.S. Champion, and, if he ever gets a tattoo of something his son is really into, it would probably end up being a portrait of John Cena.

During a recent interview with Superstar Ink host Corey Graves, Owens talks about his growing collection of ink, showing off the very first tattoo he ever got – a tiny “K” inked on the back of his calf that he had done with his wife, Karina, just one month after they met. Owens also pulls up his sleeve to reveal the Taurus tattoo he has on his shoulder, which is eerily similar to the “Brahma Bull” piece Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has inked in almost the same spot on his arm.

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Family is obviously incredibly important to Owens, and, in addition to the tattoos he has for his wife and kids, the Canadian wrestler also has the initials of his maternal and paternal grandfathers, Melvin Steen (MS) and Pierre Benoit (PB), inked on his knuckles. According to Owens, both Steen and Benoit were fans of wrestling, took him to WWE shows, and watched wrestling on TV with him as a kid. Unfortunately, “they both passed away within a year of each other before I got to WWE,” Owens says in the interview. “I guess if I have one regret, it’s that I didn’t get to make it to WWE before they passed away, because […] it would have made them so proud. So I decided to just go the extra mile and have their initials tattooed on my knuckles, so that they are always with me.”

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Many of Owens’ tattoos are dedicated to his loved ones, including his wife, Karina, his kids, Owen and Elodie, and his aforementioned grandfathers, Melvin and Pierre. It’s because of this that, towards the end of the interview, Graves asks Owens if he’s ever considered getting a tattoo of something his son was into, like a Yo Gabba Gabba! character or a T-Rex image. Owens responds, “Yeah, but you know what, he’s into so much, and it switches so often. The only constant thing that he’s been a fan of since he’s been a child is John Cena, so I think I need to tattoo John’s face on myself or something.” While he’s at it, he says, he may as well get a tattoo of strawberries, which his daughter loves, and one of purses, for his wife.

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