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Yallzee's Tattoos for Barbers

Tattoo artists and barbers have a lot in common. Simply put, they are the unsung heroes that make sure you are looking good. When you sit in the chair—whether it be barber or tattoo—you put all of your trust in these professionals. One bad move is all it takes for you to look like a complete jerk, but you know that won't happen because you are in the hands of a pro. Naturally there is more than just professional respect between the two trades. In fact, a lot of people get tattoos celebrating their love of barbers. Yallzee has curated this gallery of tattoos for barbers as a way to give these men and women their daps. In the following gallery you'll see straight razors, shears and more than a few dapper looking gentlemen. Enjoy this gallery of tattoos for barbers.