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You Have to See this British Bombshell

Anna Sherdley-Davies, today's Inked Girl of the Day, comes to us from Blackpool in the United Kingdom. It's hard to think of a city with a more badass name than Blackpool (although Deadpool would be a little cooler), so we shouldn't be surprised that such a gorgeous woman would hail from there. Anna has some killer curves and some great ink, both of which enhance her femininity wonderfully.

"All my tattoos are girly and mainly black and grey other than a colored butterfly on my chest," Anna explains. "I love girly, vintage themed tattoos and I'm in the process of getting a vintage girly sleeve."

As avid fans of pin-up art (the Pin-Up Issue is out now!), we agree with Anna completely. Her tattoos are the perfect compliment to her vintage style as can be seen throughout her set of photos. Her favorite tattoo is a mashup of vintage style and modern sensibilities.

"It's hard to choose my favorite tattoo but it must be my steampunk owl on my thigh," Anna says. "Owls are very wise so I got it to symbolize my mum as she always gives me great advice and guides me in the right direction."

You can see all of Anna's lovely photos on her Inked Girls profile page. We guarantee that you'll enjoy them all. If you think that you have what it takes to be our next Inked Girl of the Day you can submit your portfolio here.

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