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You Need to See This Collaboration Between Paul Booth and Steve Butcher

These Two World Class Artists Came Together to Create a Tattoo That Will Blow Your Mind

Over the past several months, collaborative tattooing has become one of the fastest growing trends in the industry. A collaborative tattoo is created when two or more artists come together to create a cohesive large scale tattoo on a single canvas. For instance, world class artists Sam Barber, Jak Connolly, Steve Butcher, Matt Jordan, Benjamin Laukis, Dave Paulo, and Yomico Moreno recently have joined forces to create a tattoo gang called the Rat Pack, in which they join forces to create incredible back pieces that showcase each of their unique styles of art. Just this past week, two of the most well-known artists in the industry, New Zealand realism artist Steve Butcher, and horror icon Paul Booth came together to create a 13 hour back piece that you need to see to believe.

Photo via Instagram