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You Won't Believe What This Blood on the Dance Floor Singer Does Today!

We Always Knew He Had a Thing For Makeup...

Calling all scene queens! While most of us have probably long forgotten about mid-2000s electropop group, Blood on the Dancefloor, we know that true fans still dream of the original duo reuniting once again. Sure, we love Fallon Vendetta and think she brings something new to the group, however, we can all agree that Jayy Von Monroe was pretty sensational. Monroe joined founded Dahvie Vanity in 2009 and together, they brought BOTDF to worldwide recognition. However, in 2016 Monroe left the group for good to focus on a solo career. But, to many of his fans surprise, that career move wasn't in the music industry. Yet, if you've kept up with the glamorous and androgynous singer, you won't be too stunned to learn what he's been up to these days. Follow the gallery to uncover his exciting new image.

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