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You'll Never Guess Which Ink Master Judge is the Oldest

Place Your Bets on Peck, Nuñez, or Navarro!

Throughout the past ten seasons of Ink Master, we've come to recognize Oliver Peck, Chris Nuñez, and Dave Navarro as treasured staples in the world of reality television. While nearly 200 tattooer have come and gone from the show—these three have kept the series running as consistent staples of the show. However, he majority of the episode time is spent focusing on the tattoo artists in the competition—with the judges generally keeping their personal lives private. Even so, people have become so familiar with the series' judges that their ages might surprise even diehard fans. Sure, the three may be very close in age, but we're sure that many of our readers will be SHOCKED when they learn which one is the oldest. Take a peek at the gallery below to learn which judge is the oldest of the famous gang.

age 2